About Us

The collaboration came out of the need to provide an aspect of movie making that has not been explored in Indian Cinema yet. Indian cinema hear mean all the -woods from north to south of our country. We strongly feel that there is a huge void in the story telling responsibility that movie makers assume when they choose this field of work. Be it image of the country in front of the world or be it how every generation in the country imagine their heroes to be.

Varun and Preetham came in contact through sheer destiny because when they first got introduced to each other, they were around 9000 miles away from each other. It has to be destiny that they met and then the thought process aligned which then took the shape with a production house, called AnantaSarga Production.

Movies should drive a very strong social message and they play a very important role in forming and shaping the society. Kids learn/mimick/adapt what they see. With the technology nowadays, it is important than every before that we are diligent and aware of exactly what we are exposing our kids to. AnantaSarda promises to be a responsible content creator which will tirelessly work towards creating content that will help in upliftment of the society and hence the country.

Ananta Sarga Productions is devoted to push boundaries, creating and producing high quality cinema and series dedicated to busting myths and false narrative on a large spectrum of topics. Our mission is to always deliver world-class, innovative content that will make India shine.