After award Winning short film – PARADOX. What’s next for AnantaSarga Productions ?

Interviewer: “PARADOX “ a 3 minute short film, made in India, has now been recognized in 11 countries and honored with several awards and nominations including best micro short film, best director, best editor and best sound design and is a honorable mention at several other film festivals from USA to Australia. We have with us the person behind the creation. The writer, director, editor, visual effects for Award winning short film Paradox, PREETHAM TIWARI.

Interviewer: Preetham can you give us an overview about this short film?

Preetham: Thank you for the wonderful and humbling introduction. PARADOX is a short film about the quest for reality. At some point in everyone’s life we do question what is real and what is not. Right? Most of us just ignore or sideline the question and carry on with our lives. But there are great souls who have walked this earth who stuck to the question and went very deep into the analysis about reality, and PARADOX is one such attempt to evoke that questioning nature within the viewer.

I: How does the short film make the viewer question reality?

Well, it’s just like the movie INCEPTION. We feel our dreams are real when we are in them, when we are experiencing them, its only when we wake up we are able to look back and realize that something was not right. PARADOX does the same …it’s a loop between dream and reality and it’s a infinite loop .Since there is no beginning there is no end as well to the actual events of the short.