Having completed UG in Mechanical engineering and driven by a passion for telling great stories Preetham Tiwari pursued his PG Diploma in Visual Effects. A great story is what makes the experience of watching a film unique and unforgettable and this is what drives Preetham and his passion for film making. He has directed several short films on which he is primarily the writer, editor and director and has performed various other responsibilities as well. A official member of the South India Film Writers’s association (SWAN) he was written 2 complete movie scripts and has got them registered as well. His most recent short titled “PARADOX“ has been recognized across several countries and continents and has won more than 13 awards under various categories. PARADOX was the first venture of our production house AnantaSarga Productions which is now officially registered at WIFPA and is headed by Preetham and Varun who are the founders.


Varun started his career as a Mechanical engineer after graduating from OSU in 2010. He was working for a company in US when he realized his inclination towards digital content creation. That gave birth to Breathing History and AnantaSarga. He believes that movies provide such a huge platform for people from various fields to express their talent and in a way the end result is a very harmonic mixture of hard work and passion of everyone involved. He wants his movies to carry a strong social message and strictly not be made just for commercial purposes. Varun also has a management certification from Harvard Business school. He is naturally very personable and has very high regards for everyone in his team.